AIDBUCKS Infrared Thermometer AD6530D

AIDBUCKS is one of the best IR thermometer that let you easily grip it and measure the temperature from farther distance. If you want to take temperature reading of the dangerous hot or cold things, the right pick for you would be AIDBUCKS AD6530D.

AIDBUCKS AD6530D Digital Laser Non-Contact Thermometer

Features & Specifications

Most versatile Tool – the AIDBUCKS IR thermometer is capable to measure the temperature of various surfaces, ambient temperatures, and dew point temperatures accurately and quickly. This device featured with a K-Type thermocouple to calculate the internal temperature at greater distance.

Multi-tasker – this thermometer is practical for both indoors and outdoors applications like cooking in kitchen, to check car-cooling system, to scan for insulation leaks, etc.

Measuring range – this thermometer has capacity to measure the temperature ranging from -50⁰C to 800⁰C or -58⁰F to 1472⁰F.

Built-in advanced design – the built-in laser pointer let you aim at exact spot, you want to measure and automatically lock D/S ratio 12:1.

Backlit display screen – the IR non-contact thermometer comprises a large backlit screen displays temperature readings quickly. You may immediately turn on or off the UV light, when needed.

Quick & Convenient – to set upper/lower limit temperature values for alarm is quite safe as it finds temperature abnormality in real time as well as locate the faults quickly. It also provides quick temperature reading within less than 0.5 seconds.

Auto-shut off function – when the device is not in use, it automatically shuts off after 25 seconds.

Dimensions – this handheld unit measures up to 6.4 x 3.8 x 1.3 inch.

Certification – the AD6530D comes true as per FDA, FCC, ELT, CE, EN1326, EN60825, and ROHS standards.

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Warranty - Covered up to 1-years limited warranty and 30-day risk free return.

Its integrated K-Type capsule helps you in measuring the internal temperatures of the surface. Being a multi-tasker temperature-measuring tool, this can be used in cooking, industrial, household and other various applications. one of the main concern to this device is its adjustable emissivity rate that allows you to adjust the emissivity of the unit s per rate of material surface. It enables you to get reading in any unit you want, either the Celsius unit or the Fahrenheit unit.

AIDBUCKS AD6530D Digital Laser Non-Contact Thermometer Included:

  • 6F22 9V Battery
  • K-Type Thermocouple
  • Carrying Case
  • Manual Instructions

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