Etekcity Lasergrip 630 Dual Laser Digital Infrared Thermometer

The Etekcity Lasergrip 630 helps you in getting more precise temperature reading from a specific distance. The non-contact thermometer gun has various features including the laser pointer, adjustable emissivity, and others. The top rated product among its kind, the Etekcity provides the best infrared thermometer guns to make your temperature-measuring task much easier. Etekcity Lasergrip 630 Dual Laser Digital Infrared Thermometer

Features & Specifications:

100% accuracy – the device comes with 16:1 distance to spot ratio, which means the temperature recorded by this rate would be more accurate. Other thermometers with less D/S ratio as 12:1 or 8:1 cannot provide you such a precise reading.

Adjustable emissivity is the feature that directly enhances the rate of accuracy across various types of surfaces. So, you just need to adjust the emissivity of your IR thermometer, as per given instruction. The emissivity rate varies from 0.1 to 1.0.

Dual laser pointer, with quicker target – Etekcity 360 comes equipped with dual laser pointers, make you aim sure at high precision. These points let you specify the ideal measuring distance.

Measurement range – the unit has capability to measure temperature ranging from -58°F ~1076°F or -50°C ~ 580°C. The non-contact thermometer let you pick any unit according to your either need the unit ° F or ° C. In addition, it has a very good response time up to 500 meters per second.

Multi-functional – the thermometer comes with various functions. You may choose any one maximum, minimum, or average functions. This versatile unit can also be used for cooking, electrical engineering, real estate, car maintenance, and many others.

Battery – It also comes equipped with the LCD backlit, auto-off function, and a low battery indicator. The indicator let you know before the battery life comes to end.

Versatile design – the advanced infrared technology comes handy to record the temperature of any measuring surface, especially those temperatures over boiling points and below the freezing points.

Approved – the IR unit comes true to all of the universal standers and is approved by FDA, CE, and FCC.

Benefits & Concerns:

The Etekcity is the most popular IR thermometer developed to provide you most precise temperature reading from a large distance. One of the main benefit to this system is it high D/S ratio, which helps in getting accurate temperature. As well as, let you adjust the unit to take measurements.

Etekcity Lasergrip 630 Thermometer Included:

  • A 9-V DC Battery
  • User’s Manual

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