Fluke 62 MAX IR Thermometer Non-Contact

The Fluke 62 Max Infrared Thermometer Gun well known, sturdy and high quality thermometer, designed to measure the temperature from a large distance more accurately. The handheld gun is multi-functional, so can be used in various household and industrial applications. Fluke 62 Max is The Best Infrared Thermometer Gun which included laser pointer technology helps you in directing the laser beams at the exact spot that you want to measure, so now you do not need to guess blindly about the aiming spot.

Fluke 62 MAX IR Thermometer, Non-Contact

Features & Specifications​

Multi-functional – the Fluke 62, a handheld gun, let you use it for temperature measurement in monitoring mechanical, electrical, HAVC, and automotive systems.

Temperature range – with this thermometer you can get precise temperature readings ranging from -20⁰F to 932⁰F with accuracy of ±1.5%.

Distance to Spot ratio – the IR device gives you 10:1 distance to spot ratio, which enables to get exact reading at greater distance.

Laser pointer technology – the Laser pointer helps you to aim the spot and take accurate and repeatable measurements you want to measure, so you not need to guess the pointing spot.

Fluke 62 MAX IR Thermometer, Non-Contact Laser

Minimum/Max./Average – the Fluke IR Thermometer assure of displaying the minimum, and maximum temperatures and their difference between two temperatures. In addition, it also provides you a view of average temperature of various readings.

Certified by – the Fluke 62 is approved by IP54 for protection against the dust, and dirt.

Water resistant – the IP54 is also water resistant standard, which prevents your device from the splashing of liquid.

Lightweight & easy-to-clip – the Fluke Max. Thermometer is quite lightweight and small. Therefore, it is very easy to clip to your belt loop.

Large Backlit Display – it also featured with a large sized backlit display screen, which makes the readings easier to read even in the dark areas.

Drop test – it is sturdy and durable design, which can withstand up to 3 meters/9.8 feet drop test.

Additional features – this thermometer also provides you adjustable emissivity, and hi/low alarms.

Size – the dimension of this handheld gun is up to 6.8” x 3.3” x 2.9” only.

Benefits & Concerns​

Being a non-contact thermometer, the Fluke 62 Max, also keeps you away from the dangerous hot or cold objects while taking the temperature measurement. In simple, you can get measures without getting in contact the objects. Another main concern to this IR unit is there drop test, as it withstands up to 3 meters drop test. This one is sturdy, durable, and most reliable material.

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