HOLDPEAK 981C Non-Contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Temperature

The HOLDPEAK 981C is an ideal thermometer, which comes true to measuring the temperature without getting contact to the items. This unit has ability to view the readings in digital display. The digital laser IR Thermometer also helpful for those individuals who want to take readings of the hottest or coldest objects. This device also provides you an adjustable emissivity.

HOLDPEAK 981C Non-Contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

Features & Specifications:

High Accuracy – this product provides you great accuracy to measure temperature ranging from -50⁰C to 550⁰C or -58⁰F to 1022⁰F. The HOLDPEAK might have accuracy up to ±1.5%.

Distance to Spot ratio – the Non-Contact thermometer offers 12:1 distance to spot ration, which is perfect distance to take accurate temperature reading. In simple words, we can say that, this device let you measure the accurate temperature from 12” distance at 1” spot point.

Adjustable emissivity – the HOLDPEAK comes featured with an adjustable emissivity from 0.1 to 1.0.

Response time – it offers you a very good response time. You may calculate and measure the temperature of the required object within a very less time less than 500ms.

Versatile Unit, IR Thermometer – the HOLDPEAK Thermometer is a multi-tasker unit, which includes various features and utilities. It comprises of a Laser target Pointer (to direct the laser beam at the spot, to be measured) and a back-light on/off switch. It is quite easy to trigger accurately and operate in case of poor light.

Safe to use for various environments – this thermometer is applicable for almost all sorts of situations. It seems extremely helpful and reliable for instant temperature readings in industries and household applications too. Being easy to operate, you just have to take aim at the target spot to measure the current temperature more accurately.

Additional specifications – it comprises more extra specifications as compared to other IR thermometers. A 9-Volt battery powers it, which is included in this package. It has ability to auto power off in 7 seconds only, without any operation and consumes a very low to moderate amount of electricity.

Safe & fast – the Laser Infrared Thermometer is extremely safe to use and amazingly faster way to measure the temperature without getting in contact to the surface.

Warranty – this product is available with 1-year limited warranty.

Benefits & Concerns

The HOLDPEAK offers more accurate, securer, and easiest digital readings not only for you, but also for the all-around global users. It allows the users to measure the surface temperatures from a distance when maintaining the laser-sharp accuracy. One of the best features to this app is that it is made of high quality ABS plastics, and uses the artistic counter and delightful color. On the other hand, this product is suitable and applicable for both indoors and outdoors activities.

One of the basic concerns to this device is its unique color screen display, which gives a clear view. You may also adjust the upper or low limit values for alarms, as well as find the real time abnormality and the errors, rapidly. What’s more, it also enables you to switch for Celsius or Fahrenheit unit, freely. Overall, it is hazard free unit.

The Package Included

    • · HOLDPEAK 981C Infrared Digital Thermometer
    • Carrying case
    • Instructions Manual
    • 9-V Battery

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