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Nubee 8380H Non-contact Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun

Nubee 8380H Non-Contact proposed a better way to calculate the temperature of distant objects accurately. These days it is not troublesome or difficult to get the accurate temperature of unreachable, hottest or coldest objects. You can use this IR Gun to check temperature of any harder to touch object without come close to them. The subjected model is on of the best selling product in this category which offers you multiple different features as under.

Nubee 8380H Non-contact Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun

Features & Specifications

Versatile Device – the Nubee IR thermometer is multi-tasker unit, which can be used in various applications. You can use it in cooking, barbecuing, industries, and others. This IR thermometer also seems helpful in checking the car cooling system, examining the mechanical or electrical devices, and heater, etc.

Accurate reading & Safe to measure temperature – this thermometer enables you to get more precise readings ranging from -58⁰C to 716⁰C or -50⁰F to 380⁰F. There might be zero error of about ±2% or 2⁰C. In addition, this device also safe to use, even the hottest and coldest spot surfaces.

Response Time Wavelength – it provides a good response time wave up to 500ms (8-14 um).

Distance to Spot ratio – it has featured with 12:1 distance to spot ratio, it means the unit can measure the temperature nearly about 1 inch diameter spot when the laser beam targeted from the 12 inches.

Additional features – this device included several additional functions like max. Temperature function and adjustable emissivity function.

i. The Max temperature mode – let you take the highest temperature through scanning the object as well as you can save the temperature reading at the bottom of the screen.

ii. EMS adjustable mode – allows you to measure the temperature more accurately by adjusting the emissivity level for different articles, as each article requires a specific emissivity.

Simple & easy-to-use – it is very simple and easy to use. You just have to direct the laser at spot to be measured or where you want to measure the temperature. Stay as close as possible to the object, to get most precise temperature. To get digital view of temperature reading on the IR thermometer, just pull the trigger.

Approved Model – the device comes true to the universal standards and approved by FDA, CE, FCC, and ROHS.


you can use it to measure the temperature of non-living objects only, so the temperature measure for human and animals would not be accurate.

Benefits & Concerns:

NUB8380H is the advanced product designed for getting accurate temperature, including two useful modes EMS adjustable function and maximum temperature function. One of the basic concerns to this unit is that you can switch on the panel to select any unit for reading either the Celsius or Fahrenheit. It also helps you in adjusting the emissivity on different sights to turn on or off the laser sight.


This product is covered by Nubee 2-year warranty.

The Product Pack Included

  • Nubee NUB8380H Temperature Gun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer
  • 9V DC battery
  • User's manual

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