Nubee Temperature Gun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Nubee Temperature Gun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Nubee IR Temperature Gun has unique designed with latest technology device designed keeping the safety and accuracy in measuring temperature. This is a best Infrared Thermometer Gun which takes temperature readings just by scanning the target object, and then stores the readings at the bottom of the screen for later view. Nub8500H is the latest edition that comprises of two mode, one the adjustable emissivity, and second maximum temperature function.

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Features & Specifications:

Max temperature function – Nub8500H temperature gun let you take maximum temperature of the spot, you want to measure through scanning. You can also save this reading at the bottom of the screen display to see later, and note down.

Adjustable EMS function – as each object has its own specific emissivity range, so the Nubee allows you to adjust the perfect emissivity for each target. This function will help you in getting more precise temperature readings.

Temperature range – Nubee offers you to measure the temperature ranging from -50⁰C to 500⁰C or -58⁰F to 932⁰F.

Distance to spot ratio – It provides you 12:1 distance to spot ratio.

Switchable Unit – for your ease, the Nub8500H offer you to choose any unit, either the Fahrenheit or the Celsius.

Built-in Laser – the Red Laser pointer help you to target exact point of the object that you need to measure.

Battery – this thermometer uses a battery powered by 9-V. This device also equipped with Auto shut-off and a Low battery indicator.

Certification – this Best Infrared Thermometer gun is approved by universal standards including ROHS, CE, FCC, and FDA.

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Benefits & Concerns:

Being a non-contact IR thermometer, the Nub8500H also considered as safe, secured, and accurate temperature gun. It comes handy in taking accurate temperature readings from greater distance. Its one benefit is its adjustable emissivity function. This function enables you to adjust the emissivity as per object. Furthermore, this handheld gun offer you a good response time wavelength less than 500ms (8 to 14 um). By default, a red laser pointer shows you where you are aiming.


Nubee Infrared Thermometers All Model Covered Under A Warranty of Two Year.

Nubee Temperature Gun Non-contact IR Thermometer Bundled:

  • 9-V D.C battery
  • User’s manual

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